* OK the Good words .. these is good theories about for voters ‘Goldfish’… leaving all of them the edge,

they are is even viewers, of Grece Feoudo, (are not hellines)
of Satire TV STATIONS of ‘parrots’
SKAI – ALFA – ANT1 – STAR – MEGA … and newspaper , also written by charlatans ‘parrots’

… So even, the charlatan Harlequin does not understand that… SYRIZA / ANEL etc followers you are a minority ???

.. 50% of the society was not involved, and now you are a ‘group WASTE political figures’, and selection
only of those who going to the polls …

… same as an political army and voted stupid,
who which can only be looking at themselves traits as an ridiculous… loner man,
not as humans and the public good etc .. they are damaged working persons

… The government SYRIZA / ANEL and those help you, ND – POTAMI – PASOK –

*** … You’re not as legitimate government … you are a minority, and we will see in the next few weeks … where the ‘kettle’ ‘will burst
The long-awaited social explosion that everybody expect noted IN GREECE
– (math calculated) – last five years …

… SYRIZA / ANEL – POTAMI – PASOK ‘re, Greek Foud government finished, MUST you to digest that. AND do not get your minds air… the bosses understand, you’re done !!!

you are a minority …

.. and has recorded… in 50% abstinence… PLUS and those who did not vote you,
It sent 62% exactly…

*** must learn look the really elections results truly and not the result of calculation and not, that come from some stupid persons !!!

after 20 Octomber 2015 .. start all …about all ….
and these is the final period of the charlatans !!!

*** attention this moment, RUSSIA it is in SYRIA and ”clean”… NATO – USA – EE …etc …shut up !!!…
today only the BEAR…., can talk !!!
So for the next weeks we must wait hard ”rock dance”


to my friends, stay tuned !!!