SEE DEFINITELY !!! => The Nationalists Greeks honored the Immortals Heroes of Thermopylae – Militant message the Chief of the Golden Dawn

… The nationalist movements in Europe are hoping for a big election victory of the Golden Dawn

The participation of the Golden Dawn in the forthcoming national elections and the high rates that are expected to divert has turned into a central reference point and catalyst subsequent developments in the country and throughout Europe.  Then processes and continuous contacts with nationalists from abroad Golden Dawn has managed to create a network of personalities and movements within which plays an important role, since this recognizes the leadership of a successful struggle conducted under the most adverse conditions.
In this context and given the rise in popularity of the Golden Dawn, which is broken for good conspiracy of silence that are imposing these Elladi media echelons Europeans comrades visit our Head Office to talk with officials and parliamentarians and discuss issues of common interest .  So, last week the head of Danish nationalist party Danskernes Parti, Mr. Carlsen Daniel, visited Athens and our offices on Mesogeion, where he had the opportunity to converse with the Secretary General Golden Dawn and to express sympathy towards him and to the other persecuted activists of Golden Dawn,  while giving the hope for a great electoral victory of the Greeks nationalists in the upcoming elections on September 20.
Later Mr. Carlsen had the opportunity to meet with his rival and Serres MP Matthaiopoulo Artemis, Vice-President of the group APF (Alliance for Peace and Freedom)  with whom he discussed issues of organizational interest with a view to further strengthening the ties between European nationalist movements and highlight the problems jointly faced by our countries, such as the massive illegal immigration and the Islamisation of the great European capitals.
Part of the discussion was videotaped by the state channel of Denmark came Mr. Carlsen on tour in Greece and hourly approximately interview agonist Matthaiopoulos developed the activities of the Golden Dawn, goals for the immediate future and the prospect of nationalist movements in Europe.  SOURCE