• About refugees from Afghanistan – Pakistan – Syria – Africa etc, a different approach of ‘euro feud greek’. European open prison for trafficking and sweatshop ‘traders fake humanists’ etc … which has set up a ‘fantastic tale with many profitable of billion euro’ ..

with curious politics, odd NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) etc other stakeholders. Let’s get down to the real issue somewhat… But the truth hurts.

  • only… the last six years, were handled 3 million people paid an average 4500 euro, next…
    received 13.5 billion euro,
    and want to tell us that they have taken the money, some people Turkish boatmen and the *party continue 500-700 euros per head for certificates from law firms, all people in PIRAEUS has seen (some unknown ???) that run for collect their papers..
    follow the ‘tour agents’ to put them in a bus.. that will
    all of them people to the border… will give up them people border
  • then…we have them of some who play the ‘role’ of the good humanists’, from those who might shed tears in front and media lenses).. telling them to go ‘OMONIA’ and there, paying Albanians and greeks… etc other partners, for get them, from Euro 1000 to pass them through Albania…etc, etc,
    sometimes ‘eat’ money and drop people on the street.
  • and there are of course those ‘shipping company passengers ship’, that make big business by chartering the ships,
    stow unchecked… if the ship’s protocol is as for 2700 passengers, stow 3000 and…
  • of course everyone…, everyone paid with head
    and of course everyone of global Humanists, shed tears for the plight of these people and … cursing the
    Pasang other,
    who wants to bring order to the issue and stop the feast and cancel the slave trade, the slave trade…
  • so in the 4500 Euro for the Turkish – Greek passage must put a similar number that will be needed for the remaining half of the journey,
    from GREECE to EU etc ,.
    where going all that crazy money ???
  • talking about the national budget at least 10 years…
    of course none of the political parties primarily eg, SYRIZA – ND – ANELL – PASOK – POTAMI – KKE …and others as EU /
    USA / etc…. ‘nobody understands’
    (except GOLDEN DAWN who is alone where

    chasing the issue) for to give freedom to these ‘wretched’ people, victims of policy, the USA – EU etc. western allies

  • none and,,,any institution, ‘does not know anything… neither suspect…not have heard nothing….everybody declare Humanities and bleeding hearts’

    everything placed, on the ‘market – fantasy’ from decadent brains
    (everything is an imagination)
    … No one has heard and does not know anything and everything is legally !!!

  • and none knowing anything… about what happen the port PIRAEUS and… central of ATHENS, Lately ‘is released the view’ among from these people, is angry are fed up to turn, that took their adventure.., well some say,
    that will reach up to piracy,
    that will go to extreme events for the game that has been set,
    from some – some who looking only money…
  • to ‘collect money same goldmine’… understand ???

… Because they got news what game you play back in their misery !!!