for friends the opinion says . on upcoming elections in Greece, the first period of 20 September 2015 and will follow other two (2) ..

in HELLAS the political establishment 35 years and longer-ending, the result that secretly dominates all know .. a matter of time to reflect and says ..

1) GOLDEN DAWN as the clean (NATIONAL / Patriotic Party) 35% to 40% (net moves to majority government)
… Big issue, ” illegal immigrants’ … issue that arrived and knocked on the whole .. to the social fabric …
Here is, the embarrassment all of political parties that abandoned the definition ‘immigrants’ and did ‘refugee’..

2) LAE new political organization as (the real and furnishings within the New Left, which probably will ‘swallow’ and the KKE) .. In the first phase 19% to 22%

… And stay off the (old cut) POLITICAL PARTIES
‘ND – SYRIZA’ where the next two years will not exist.

.. TO POLITICAL PARTIES as we know to date will gather in total, approximately 30% and will be dissolved as we said … 24 months after the end of the first elections on 20 September 2015 !!!

20 / 9 / 2015 here for Hellas everything ends … and but it all begins !!!
… geopolitical game closes after 200 years of life ..,
and the map ” emblazoned again ‘
everything is started … !!!

Those who managed and diagnosed… ”right” and have taken positions is OK…
waiting to the benefit…, the others who have latecomers, can only for to looking !!!

**** The trap no one had seen and ”all fell within”,
see about ”MOSQUE in Votanikos”… etc !!!