* The Government of Tsipras – KAMMENOU finished, the Tsipra had 162 Members,                                                                    losses 44
now has 118,
” Constitutional tolerance is 120 Members’
Government of Tsipras – KAMMENOU over …

* Once the scammers usury PAID … On 20 August 2015, with, the 3.2 billion euro, the ‘bosses’ ends the government of Tsipras-KAMMNEOU and HELLAS go to elections elections …

* This, ie the ‘bosses’ will not service a <Completed Government>
because nothing will be able to subsequently be implemented by the program given to the Tsipras – KAMMENOU

* In all other cases … cometh general social uprising if we put the issue of illegal immigrants …. which in a little time will rise up … because they will see that it is ” a prisoner in an open European prison ” etc. . etc …

* Elections are thus a need to provide the social relief and then the consistency,
to treated in a few time, it blew !!!!

because those who follow will make Europe ” outbreak great fire ” and out of the other ISIS ARE INSIDE !!!