…denouncing throughout, all cases where ‘include’ the of HELLAS debt… and the imposition all of about catastrophic economics – memorandum,
that have caused the last five years, humanitarian crisis …

the GOLDEN DAWN will try

*To stop the blackmail in a country of civilized Europe, and to clear the usury …. The democracy must beat !!!

Before, the Global Usury give a big slap against democracy !!!

* Here we look if there is any elementary gravity,
in the world of WESTERN ….

* Even UN speak for ”matter include extortion and humanitarian crisis in HELLAS which is among the guarantors countries and member of the UN (1945)…

.. Because at some point,
-All should find their position …. in a world of hypocrisy, liars, crooks, adventurers .. that some people were sleeping and wake up …
counting only profits…. and amounts have !!!!

the GOLDEN DAWN OF HELLINISM will denounce.. The West…. will be able to stand up ????

It will be the last opportunity the WEST to demonstrate … if they even exist …” Means, in the Western world ‘…
serious people … !!!

1) auditing debt to find out what has happened … it is not possible to speak of debt 675 billion euros to 375% of GDP in a country of 10,000,000 inhabitants !!!
here stops the logic and principle prevails stupidity !!!

This is the time speaking… ONLY Serious Personalities !!!