HELLAS, * did not go to elections, after Merkel command, and consensus MEMORANDUM of the plus government, ND – PASOK – SYRIZA – POTAMI

* So SYRIZA is in the orbit sinking .. if not eliminate Tsipras, who has COMPLETELY surrender to international usury, by the US and their shops (EU) – IMF – ECB

// All memorandun of “scrap” – have only obstacle in their plans, the Golden Dawn

” Debt of 675 billion euros, 375% Gross Domestic Product – (GDP) ”
stop you to play with ” HELLENICS CITIZENS ” and go back to your home, scammers, charlatans in HELLAS TO EAT many slap in the face …. after your last charlatan TSIPRA the world is the limits of !!!

CHARLATANS listen a OPINION, you have ” small time ” for you to go out, from HELALS  NOW  because ” One morning, things will be very different from the…previous morning”