usurers – charlatans OK paid … HELLAS received 7 billion, by EFSM and paid 6.7 billion to the IMF and the European Central Bank … happily breathed the country !!! so until the next dose and make happy all those who made the ” XXXlarge government coalition of the ” arc of Stupid ”
see here … … Can be kept OK !!!!

in between debt ascends unrestrained ….
fortunately HELLAS is in the EU & EUR = and have,
* Closed reason bankruptcy banks,
* Control movement of capital / social benefits-insurance-insurance funds
total dissolution … pension funds,
industry, crafts, agriculture, livestock, wages, pensions *
also collapse
* Democracy and constitution,
* Pharmaceutical-medical care, Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.,
after all that fortunately for HELLAS …. because, is inside the zone of EURO and EU !!!
… Have saved !!!
after all that the ” XXXlarge government coalition of the ” arc of Stupid ”
see here

As transmits Bloomberg, the … socialist “revolution” of Tsipras ended and already was ordered to pay 6.8 billion ….
Read more: http: // …
Until the next installment payment ” These idiots ‘will sleep peacefully and not Eun understand the socio volcano is ready to explode …..’ ‘there is also the question of the Islamists’ … nothing else .. .

*** Nationalism only can give the solution and quieted the HELLAS society…

The only serious proposal … To clean the HELLAS, by all their so stupid ”west charlatans” came from ”USA and their shop, EU” and to expelled all they as cancer monstrosities !!!