…. to emerge, from the euro and return to national currency,
because the euro currency for HELALS but also across the euro area, not have any significance today …
But and the mathematician Word says sure this who comes !!!
is a GLOBAL tragedy
…. when HELALS exit from the Euro currency
come, not by choice gentle exit then the result will be uncontrollable …

and here none must to forget it that ”mathematician Word says the euro dies”

If Upcoming hit by ”de facto” departure of HELLAS from the ‘washed-up’ currency euro, hitting the global financial system … but also in the geopolitical map would be for the West … beyond any calculation … .

DO NOT VIEW TEMPORARILY … you see over time and the Mathematical Logic tells and shows out of control results and disasters,

and connected with the upcoming introduction for gold ruble and yuan,

already RUB / CNY have transactio… and have bypass the US dollar,

That is reason manipulation gold price low …. China and Russia now play the smart game ” STORAGE gold ” and probably now China and Russia turns their currency,

will follow massive bond sale USA and the disaster will be …
wrapped (same time) in conjunction with HELLAS which will anyway leaves the goner euro …,
… The disaster will be huge !!!

The fund who will be lost ..
calculated for the US about 20 trillion US dollars. (See US debt), plus another 20 trillion of the global system capitalization.

From the Total Global capitalization will disappear 40 trillion dollars in usd !!!

you safe preserve your funds…, ”next 4 months have 98%.. risky” for one international a credit crash… probably starts from the USA !!!

if anything does not happen within the next four months, the red ALARM canceled and becomes yellow … falls to 70% of probability, to the end of 2016 !!!

Thank you very much for read !!!