They voted YES 229 / NO 64/6 (6 abstentions)

A total of 32 MPs of SYRIZA voted “no” / 6 voted
“Present” and one absence /

So the government, SYRIZA – ANELL of 162 parliamentary seats, fell to 123, the government can not pass measures,
If no a ” Keeping pace ” with the coalition from ND-PASOK-POTAMI,

But in this case when SYRIZA / ANELL / ND / PASOK / POTAMI have ” Keeping pace ” ‘
this be a big major defeat and will driving the SYRIZA in next 6 months will it has same luck with ND-PASOK = dismantling,
* ANELL also there will be no !!!

logical conclusion and show touchiness … so all that say …. is elections now !!!

if no …

they all will working for the nationalists of the GOLDEN DAWN who will be is undisturbed in ‘right political space’
And since, the KKE has not Contemporary political discourse, give also many voters from left to
GOLDEN DAWN and will be the benefits for the nationalists
… terribles
… and certainly in 60 months comfortable nationalists will face 40% .., it is the only policy choice !!!