KEEPING following writing, and do not forget it ….,
now if elections were held, SYRIZA would receive 32%, ANELL 4%. FOR the government SYRIZA – ANELL every 24 hours that pass, run against (lose 2.52% monthly of voters from elections January 2015).

*** By analyzing the political situation as this will be formed within the next 5 months to the next 14 months we will have … the following election results …

*** The coalition (SYRIZA – ANELL – ND – PASOK – POTAMI) as it will has been the next days formed, for the implementation of the new hard ”Economy-MEMORANDUM 3” to be in full growth and clearly…
the HELLENICS society will shape the political map as BELOW

SYRIZA 23% (with the prospect of cheap (-)
GOLDEN DAWN 23% (perspective upward (+),
ND 8% (with prospect cheap (-)
KKE 5% (with the prospect of stagnation)
LEVENTIS 3% (with the prospect of stagnation)
RIVER 2.5% (with prospect cheap (-)
PASOK 2.5% (with prospect stagnation)
ANELL 1.8% (with prospect cheap (-)
*** I do not know no answer – white – INVALID 31.2%

*** Upcoming elections will come not afterward, than (5) five and after very serious causes,
” Very violent social conflict until … ‘awesome’
that will include …

1) issue of taxes,
2) reduction LABOUR REMUNERATION / salaries and pensions / collective redundancies / collapse insurance funds / social benefits and public health.
3) very severe income losses to farmers / tourism / Freelance – dealers
4) *exponential collective evictions as Portugal, (because the banks have sold red, loans), and those with signed, (Economy MEMORANDUM OF 3 will become payable)
5) issue to XXXXXX immigrants (will burst)

…  Good Luck !!!