says ..,
Alexis Tsipras resigns, the government SYRIZA / ANELL loses its professed .. the government:
From 162 SYRIZA-ANEL Members will remain supporters of the Memorandum of approximately 110,
yparchethi matter …. the new memorandum,
They can not go beyond 6 months,

the question the ” bubble ” of GREEK ‘fake debt’ has burst,
the ‘euro and eurozone past, is clinically dead state’
There have been many mistakes … because some, took the opportunity to make money at the expense of other …,

a net speculation between equal partners,
and now the ” subject ” not Mores to gather ….

are nothing bad … if you might become a program and do not panic,
I must end the euro here … and the European Free commercial zone remains ….
but now we might become this move because a little

will the bubble burst the US …
if there are no national currencies … to be able to absorb the burst of the US bankruptcy …., then they will collapse together, those involved in the EU xai the common currency Euro !!

the time is too short