The decision of the Popular Nationalist Movement to support the “NO” in the referendum of July 5, 2015, was fully vindicated, not only by the result, but also by the percentage that shows that the majority of the Greeks is still firmly against the policy of Memoranda regardless the political position.

A political position which is directly influenced by this position and to that concept GOLDEN DAWN no matter whether those who consist the political and economic establishment like it or not, is one of the winners of these elections!

The crucial political conclusion from this poll is the fact that the unreliability of the major TV stations was confirmed, while it became clear the power which has the Internet, a space in which all the Golden Dawners must fight. To the political terrorism and the persecutions against the Nationalists should all the proud Greeks, men and women, who trust the GOLDEN DAWN resist.

A political terrorism that has reached the point to remove essentially and practically the civil rights from the elected by the people deputies! Among whom I am, and while I was not given the right (ILLEGALLY) to vote in the referendum, the next day I was called to participate in…the council of political leaders!!!

It is for granted that in the political time that follows SYRIZA, applying the measures of the international loan sharks, and ND which is dissolved, will suffer damage. Do not forget that among the voters of SYRIZA only a small percentage is communists, while in New Democracy very few are the defenders of an inhuman capitalism without limits.

It is certain that Golden Dawn with the consistent and honest attitude and the steady national position will earn many of our compatriots, those who today are the victims of propaganda against us. The future belongs to us and so the intensification of our struggle towards every direction is imperative. The nation expects a lot from us and we must not betray it.
N. G. Michaloliakos

Secretary General of the Popular Association – Golden Dawn