citizens wake up!!!
about HELLAS not pay IMF …all this is a theater of the political establishment of HELLAS … played by usury, because in HELLAS (erected) a political prosecution by imprisonment etc persecutions brought against nationalist Golden Dawn in connection with the (assassination of the unfortunate Fyssas .) and all history DISCLOSURE TO THE HELLENICS SOCIETY THAT POLITICAL the ”politics shops” since the ‘extreme Left’ until the ‘ extreme right ‘ is fascist, neo-Bolshevik communists capitalism, trying to show to the HELLENICS and world CITIZENS that,

the donors civilian employees fighting, but all must to be confident finally the IMF then will paid but with an agreed delay, because ”international usury” and ”greeks-speakers” political charlatans, should present the HELLENICS SOCIETY…. to show that ”fighting” etc, food for the media,

.. the economically memoranda etc economic measures (has been agreed), eventually all the fuss is … food for the media..
and to trying ..,stop the public opinion, to looking to the really way for freedom ”GOVERNANCE GOLDEN DAWN” and stopped the governance of new Bolshevik fascists the new communist capitalism!!!