… MUST STOP racial change where occurs through economic misery. Politicians are in prison, why there IF SOME ONE have daring to say NO or have different opinion goes to the prison, goes .. tortured .. exclude him, for not heard anywhere,

…. You can help the glorious country … the cradle of.culture …., to prevent racial and persecution, against HELLEINISM, the ” globalists ” try to CHANGE THE HELLENICS citizens …. .. .

..HELLAS, All set for an agreement with the lenders (loan sharks) even within the next weekend!

come, tax – Tax – Tax … The last group of ” DONOR politicos’ exposes, along and dirty role of sad LEFT !!! Inevitable and only solution for HELLENICS PEOPLE and just before dissolved …. ..

(See massive invasion of settlers from the east around 2000-3000 casual uncontrollably and all now understand that in GREECE performed racial change)

Well Little time before … dissolving everything, and nothing to standing … which to reminds they are is glorious holdovers of Contemporary Hellenism … ….
and all we the freedom people of world must to help the ” Golden Down of Hellenism ” TO GOING EVERY WHERE !!!!

the globalists in HELLAS trying an program ” re-population ” and if they succeed sure to come the order of all the countries !!!

just before the ”world wide web voice” FROM HELLAS stop . because it does not need anyone to listen and learn, what is happening

… the Fascism of globalists and bankers must to stop !!!