… let the bullshit enough with the … ”work society”. AT LAST serving that have signed and as chargeable ”SYRIZA – ANEL” So with any words you want,
that finally must follow the tail of the previous ”morons”.
= moreover, will not let your bosses to become you government if they are no sure …, about your…, just must …, for to go the cart more below,
he needed all of this theater and sauces include and the ”first time left” and other nonsense …

AND OTHER … other…

…well there in SYRIZA – ANEL.. leave the theatre !!!
you must not have suspicion whole HELLENICS is applauders and goldfish,
.YOU must stopped become more laughing stock ….
and you must to say … that you have signed -even before hold elections (2015)- because the US trip was accidental …. ???????? …

And in all this, must play issue with the ”GOLDEN DAWN” and include issue ” Democratic ARC of Stupid ”. NOW the politic system trying to take the matter ”Golden Dawn”, to another ”place…in another field”,

to become trial …, or not… , interruption trial …, etc., because see, supposedly interventions anarchists . ..etc.
well.. ”left and right professionals and all that they …, who have political as work, leave the fairy tales and etc the theater, idlers, informants, pushy.. and others ….
you must to realize that …, even people applauders / goldfish…
They understand about your theatre

well you must to go and tell to the HELLAS citizens all that you have signed the previous staff
we must you to continue.
this.is orders from ”owners –

revolution .. !!! left the first time. !!!
Right and left Robin Hood head inside .. and now runs !!!

…it is the time for truth !!!!