*** reached the endpoint the trial … STARTED …SO now need the media where presented arsenals and murders of the Golden Dawn …., now we need to prove …

* Even with this Comedian fact of ” secret process witnesses ”,
a mock trial that ….., IDENTICAL not there in to politic annals of the modern world …

…. Now there must be the evidence of all those who, accused the Golden Dawn … even that was if …. constructed ???? the murderer …. ROUBAKIAS etc,
to see you all and someone else … who spoke para Paulo ..
but also all of they people who blame too …. and without contradiction …

** Many people who readily accused without basis … they bullied by the ‘global justice’ ‘to put too deep to hand in their pocket, compensation too many …. the millions and billion …
if the GREEKS nationalists wanted to pull up the end ..
even the whole State and Government

…. Then the case GOLDEN DAWN will be among other things a film scenario that will break the Funds . the GOLDEN DAWN have shattered the fairytale of the ”west politics system”, thrashed goner and Busted politically …West.

* Even the UN recruited to make an announcement against GOLDEN DAWN.
UN a organism ”mock of western” who that resolution …see about the CYPRUS, have flown in …. garbage

The World nationalism and the GOLDEN DAWN OF NATIONS / COUNTRIES … will win.
The globalization will die !!!