… and the new government SYRIZA – ANEL continue to pay a ” rogue debt ” … without any control … from one serious international financial organization which would indicate .. .

1) how much money in loans, received HELLAS .. (the HELLENIC STATE)… from 2010 authority of strange ”economic memoranda” Continuing …. and by the government SYRIZA – ANEL.
2) Where did this money ..
3) who ‘grabbed’ this money within the economic confusion… and social stupefaction ….
4) to knows the HELLENICS taxpayer how much money they went to the Greek State … and entitled to pays that …
5) but the amounts went to the pockets ”strange, false, state-businessmen”… must pay on account

….. All the above, are the crimes of the Golden Dawn of Greek nationalists … and the reason that dragged in prison … BUT no international, or other than serious organizations of the West …. not It has intervened in this tragedy, against a HISTORICAL NATION ….
… The era of the Mediocrity -non personality- from the political firmament West reveals the bankruptcy !!!