== … Since 2010 in HELLAS milanie on economic krisi etc. But no movements were made on the issue, because the political establishment in Greece .., seamless knowledge

== The proposal Nationalists – of HELLENICS  Golden Dawn … is the only one standing in reality ..

== The HELLENICS state, must to do make debt control however not between them are irrelevant policies and to feed them useless parrot mass media information, and other’ party political undertakings’

== Ie the question to make firm etereia audits,
from there starts the beginning of breakout different with debt of 320 billion euros, which is constantly increasing there is no way … to no end and new beginning

== Question … why not nobody asked from the nationalists to explain how to do that ? ie the … ”beginning – economics breakout”

”W.H.M – World Hellenics economic Mantle”                                                                                                                       some persons say for an economic batzet about 35 trillion US dollars … in casse                                                                   in cash and precious metals … if really ???