…. about the financial problems of HELLAS,
have take in Hunting ordinary citizens who are 100% in impoverishment,
but the ”Intertwined” is still there is still there,

– 20 political families in HELLAS continue to give instructions at politics scum, Appointments in the public, look cost of Central government (ministries, Parliament House, etc,. are in sky)
eg,another one the President of HELLAS he cost more much money even by President Obama of the US)

while, MADIA, BANKS, politic PARTIES etc, none deals with them,
and how money have take from the public …bank etc, ALSO all they must to give in insured funds, money … but nothing no problem…. have loans not repaid, ie do whatever they want,

an example the following list …https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=731355696943994&set=a.279330542146514.67163.100002087114123&type=1&θεατερ

Otherwise you still chasing ordinary citizens and the culmination of shame, however, the story has written … for the future,

” HELLAS an EU country, year 2014 political prisoners, because commanded, some international scammers’

Conclusion IMF and IMF …. US, and their shops, serving from EU tsralatanous, incompetent and seamless personality humans,
from people like ‘human flesh with feet’

the people see that …for to come the Golden Dawn look only Nationalists may ….