….  (waited 165…and more ) stay left alone. So see stock market go down 5% and application of a Memorandum continues normally, etc.

dont may to reverse the negative psychology. IF now elections GOVERNMENT no gets 15% (ND+PASOK) together, The end is here the government opened the pit to be penetrated

‘”Someone worker in Shaping Public Opinion Former”
has find the excellent opportunity …. grabbed the case from one stupid legal tricks laying. Trial of the “HELLENICS NATIONALISTS” and …. he aired NOW !!!!!

all of these accelerates the absolute event of dismantling government ….

SOCIAL Feelings … today in HELLAS
(SYRIZA 24% – 27%), (N,D 11% – 14%),
(GOLDEN DAWN 12% – 17%), (KKE 4% – 5.5%),
etc. …. (PASOK and other residues of 3% – 6.5%)

… changing the political establishment in Greece means, geopolitical, economic strategy … twists !!!!